Water Cycle

Check out this cool interactive site that describes the water cycle.

Water Filter Game

Try this fun water challenge for two   

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Coloring Book 

Conservation Tips

Take charge of your usage.  The best way to lower usage is to educate yourself.  The meter will only register what is pulled through on your side.

  1. Keep a record of your usage for one month.  Take a reading each day at the same time, and also record things that you might have done that day (example: wash clothes, wash the car, and water the grass).
  1. Take a reading before and after you water your grass.  Irrigation usage can cause your bill to increase dramatically.  Every irrigation system is different and uses water differently.  You can’t compare your watering habits to your neighbors.  Know how much you use each time you water, and multiply by the number of days you water in a month.
  1. Check for leaks.  If any of the dials on your meter are turning, and water is not being used in the home at that moment, you could possibly have a leak.  Toilets that are leaking and faucets that are dripping use a lot of water.

Check out some of these websites for more conservation tips.

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