To regulate usage of hydrants on the Commission’s water distribution system and to adequately protect the Commission’s system from the threat of backflow/backsiphonage.  In addition, this policy will help prevent the unauthorized usage of hydrants on the Commission’s system and give law enforcement a more visible way to recognize legal hydrant usage.

Unauthorized use of a public water supply is a state offense under the State Safe Drinking Water Act, SC Code Section 44-55-10 and a federal offense under US Code Title 42, Section 300i.

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Types of Usage

  1. Transient Hydrant Usage – Defined as a tanker, street sweeper or other mobile device which draws water from multiple hydrants on a system.
  2. Non Transient Hydrant Usage – Defined as a fixed point of usage.  This type of usage is utilized in new developments and new commercial building sites.
  3. Cash and Carry – Any customer needing hydrant supplied water for one time use will be required to pay a one-time fee of $25.00.  The customer will be directed to a hydrant specified by the Commission.  No application will be necessary.

How to Apply for Hydrant Use

If you are interested in any of the above listed types of hydrant usage please contact our Cross Connection Control Supervisor at 803-359-8373.


Failure to follow the terms and conditions of this policy in obtaining the required permits for hydrant usage will result in penalties for unauthorized hydrant usage or illegal connections.  Penalties of up to $2,000 per incident per day may be levied.  Repeat offenses or non-payment of fines will result in legal action being taken against the individual and/or company. 

Transient Hydrant Usage

Transient hydrant usage will be allowed by a permit system.  All vehicles that draw from a Commission hydrant that is not equipped with a non-transient device, must possess a transient hydrant usage permit.


Applicants must make an appointment with the Commission’s Cross Connection Control Supervisor to have the truck, tank, etc. inspected.  At that time a Transient Hydrant Usage Permit Application will be filled out and appropriate fees will need to be paid.  Permits are for the period of July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

The truck, tank, etc. must be equipped with an air gap or permanently mounted SCDHEC approved backflow prevention assembly which has been tested within thirty days from the date of application.


Tankers up to and including 1,000 gallons   $300 Annual Fee
Tankers greater than 1,000 and up to and including 3,000 gallons $1,000 Annual Fee
Tankers greater than 3,000 gallons        $1,500 Annual Fee


Use of Permit

Upon completion of the application and payment of fees, the Commission will issue a Water Usage Permit Decal.  This decal must be clearly displayed on the driver’s side window of the approved vehicle.  Decals will be color-coded for each calendar year.  The Commission will notify customers thirty days in advance of their decal expiration.

The customer is responsible for notifying the Commission prior to each hydrant use.  The customer must specifically identify which hydrant is being used and the amount of water being drawn from the hydrant.  The customer will not be charged separately for water, but is requested to closely monitor usage. 

Non-Transient Hydrant Usage

Temporary hydrant use permits will be required on all stationary sources.  These permits will allow temporary un-metered water usage for either up to ninety (90) days or twelve (12) months.


Application and appropriate fees must be paid in full prior to the installation of any assembly and are based on the requested size of connection.  Hydrant use permits will be issued and approved only for SCDHEC approved water mains.  The applicant must know the exact location of the hydrant that they wish to utilize.


¾” Assembly 

$250.00 good for ninety (90) days of usage

$750.00 good for twelve (12) months of usage and up to three different locations (A fee of $50 will be charged)

1 ½” Assembly 

$500.00 good for ninety (90) days of usage

$1,500.00 good for twelve (12) months of usage and up to three different locations (A fee of $50 will be charged)


Extensions can be made at $100.00 per additional month for a ¾” assembly and $200.00 per month for a 1 ½” assembly.  Customer will not pay any additional fees for water consumption.  However, the Commission reserves the right to charge for usage if water is needed for high volume applications.


Upon completion of application and payment of fees, the Commission will set the assembly within seven days.  The Commission will equip the designated hydrant with a backflow prevention assembly and the required connection size.  The assembly will have a shut-off valve on the customer’s side of the backflow prevention assembly.  This is the only valve that shall be operated by the customer.


If a customer has paid for twelve (12) months of usage and desires a new location, the applicant must contact the Commission for the device to be relocated.  The Commission will relocate the assembly within five working days.

If an extension is desired, the applicant must make a request and forward payment to the Commission a minimum of fifteen days prior to the end of the allotted time period for the device.  If a time extension is not requested, the device will be removed without notice.

The customer is requested to closely monitor water usage.  The Commission reserves the right to charge for unnecessary water usage.