Obtaining Permits to Construct

The Commission does not have delegated review for water or sewer. In order to receive a SCDHEC Permit to Construct the following items must be submitted to the Commission’s Staff Engineer, Guy Schmoltze, P.E.:

  1. Two Copies of Construction Drawings
  2. One Copy of Design Calculations
  3. One Copy of the SCDHEC Construction Permit Application

Once the above items have been received and approved by the Commission’s Staff Engineer and the required tap fees have been paid, a letter will be written to SCDHEC in order to obtain a SCDHEC Construction Permit.

Obtaining Permits to Operate

In order to receive a SCDHEC Permit to Operate the following Items must be completed:

  1. Receive SCDHEC Permit to Construct
  2. Hold Pre-Construction Conference with the Commission
  3. Install New Water/Sewer System
  4. Coordinate Pressure Test with Commission Representative
  5. Submit Record Drawings, Affidavits (Contractor / Developer) and Deed to Easements (Water / Sewer) to the Commission
    1. Swing Ties to All Valves, Hydrants, Bends and Meters
    2. Value of the Project
    3. Engineer’s Seal and Signature
  6. Schedule Final Inspection with Commission Representative
  7. Take Bacteriological Samples
  8. Commission Will Write Letter to SCDHEC