Maholes, Drop Connections & Conflict Manholes

SECTION 01100    
Force Mains & Gravity Sewers

SECTION 01150    
Sanitary Sewer Pump Stations

SECTION 01200      
Sewer Service Laterals 01200-1

SECTION 01220      
Grease Traps/Oil & Sand Interceptor

SECTION 01300 
Water Lines, Valves & Appurtanceso 01300-1 – 01300-12

SECTION 01400 
Water Service Connections 01400-1 – 01400-2

SECTION 01500 
Excavation, Trenching, & Backfilling For Utilities Systems 01500-1 – 01500-7

SECTION 01600 
Pressure Reducing Valve, Altitude Valve & Meter Housing 01600-1 – 01600-8

SECTION 01700 
Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) & Interface to Existing SCADA 01700-1

Chain Link Fences and Gates 02831-1 - 02831-6

Standard Details (Water)

Standard Fire Hydrant Assembly WL001
Post Blow-Off Hydrant Detail for 4” Water Mains WL002
2” Water Main Blow-Off Detail WL002A
Standard Fire Hydrant Installation for WL003
Standard Fire Hydrant Installation for WL004
Tie Rod and Dead Head Detail WL005
Areas Required for Concrete Blocking WL006
Standard 3/4” Water Meter Connection WL007
Concrete Pier Detail WL008
Concrete Pier Detail for All Creek Crossings WL009
Brick or Block Piers WL010
Air Release Valve w/Vacuum Check Unit WL011
Ferrous Materials and Joint Requirements WL012
3/4” x 5/8” Water Tap and Meter Details WL013
Standard Street X-Section Showing Water Tap Depth WL014
Dry Bore and Jack Encasement and Carrier Detail WL015
Standard Stream Crossing WL016
Standard Pipe Trench Bedding Detail WL017
Joint Restraints WL018

Standard Details (Sanitary Sewer)

Cast Iron Frame and Cover for Manhole 71B-1
Plastic Manhole Step Details/Manhole Steel Reinforcing Detail 71B-2
Standard Manhole Channel and Bench 71B-3
Standard Precast Concrete Manhole 71B-4
Vented Manhole 71B-4A
Standard Drop Manhole Connection with Concrete Encasement 71B-4B
Standard Bedding Details for Sanitary Sewer Pipes 71B-5
Precast Concrete Grease Trap 71B-9
Sanitary Sewer Lateral Connection 71B-7
Typical Double Swing Drive Gate SP006I
Typical Fence Corner SP006K
Typical Fence Line Span SP006

Design Requirements

"Record Drawing” Requirements 1 – 3
Design Standards For Sanitary Sewer Systems 1 – 9 
Design Standards For Water Distribution Systems 1 – 5